WholeLife Authentic Care | September 23, 2018

The past few months have been extremely busy for WholeLife Authentic Care. We have several exciting developments to report, but a few details to still confirm before we can share everything publicly. Here's a little taste of what's been happening.


Over the summer we began talks with one of the healthcare systems here in North Texas. After several meetings, we have their support in bringing NaProTECHNOLOGY to our community. This is a major achievement in development, and we look forward to announcing this partnership in the Fall.


We have a location! It's taken some time, but the perfect place was out there and we discovered it. The new building will offer a beautiful medical office, space for community education and a wonderful space for a chapel. Once all the paperwork is signed, we will announce the address to all of you.


We are currently interviewing qualified physicians. When we have news to share, please make sure to join out Stay Connected link, we will post to all our supporters.

We will keep you posted. Thank you for all your support.