Traveling for Napro - Children are a Miracle
By Becky Spoolstra

I married Jason in October 2008.

We learned the Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning during our engagement classes. Fortunately, there were no red flags — my cycles seemed by the book. We were totally open to having children from the get go but were fine if we didn’t get pregnant right away. I honestly had no idea how difficult it can actually be to start a family.

After the first year or so of marriage, we started to wonder if everything was okay since we weren’t trying to avoid pregnancy. We began talking with our NFP practitioner about our concerns and took some basic measures like adding extra vitamins and some meds to help things along. But still, no luck.

Around this time I was intensely training for a marathon; the extreme running was affecting my cycle a little, as such exercise often does. We went to see a local OBGYN who is familiar with NFP but held off on seeking additional assistance until after the big run. 

By then we were referred to a nearby family practitioner in Arlington who had experience in NFP and fertility issues. We absolutely loved him and it was such a beautiful thing to see that among his drawers of medical equipment, one was labeled “prayer cards.” He’d always send us home with a prayer card, a miraculous medal, prayerful support and encouragement.

He conducted lots of bloodwork to get insight into my hormone levels throughout my cycle. I also had a HSG test to look at my uterus and see if there might be blockage in my tubes, but all looked normal there too.

After the extensive blood testing, the results showed that my progesterone levels took a big dip at a vital time in my cycle, which would explain the difficulty in conceiving. To help remedy this, I started using injections of HCG at certain times of my cycle to boost the levels as needed. Praise God I have a non-squeamish husband who took care of the shots! But even after months of shots we were still without any luck.

Our local doctor referred us to the Vitae Clinic in Austin. While it was a bit rough making the four-hour trek for appointments, it was totally worth it and gave us extra time together on those road tripping day dates!

After further reviewing my charts and test results, the professionals in Austin — where we received amazing care — were confident I had endometriosis. We continued using the HCG and scheduled laparoscopic surgery for June 2013 to remove the endometriosis and see what else might be going on inside.

The following month, we went on a pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a life–changing experience. Our group did the consecration to Mary and my prayers continued to be full of petitions for a baby. I like to say Mary was stalking me during that pilgrimage — she kept popping up everywhere and really made an impact when I needed her.

I attended a daily mass at the beautiful Immaculate Conception church in Rio. The priest spoke about Mary and salvation history, how God chose Mary and that exact time and place in history to bring the Savior into the world. After mass, extreme peace flooded my heart. I remember thinking that for whatever reason, God must be waiting for the perfect time to bless us with a child and just trusted in His perfect timing and will.

We returned home and immediately began trying for a baby. After only a month, our little Miss Clare came into being! What a miracle. She was completely worth the wait for this perfect time that God planned for us.

Through the years that we experienced primary infertility, we never once got a positive pregnancy test. Every month brought the high hopes which were dashed again and again. So many times I cried and prayed, wondering if we’d ever get pregnant.

We are so thankful for both NFP and NaPro Technology and the doctors who helped us along the way. If we didn’t have the NaPro Technology care, who knows how long it would have taken to find out what the actual problem was and take steps to fix it?

There are countless women and families in our area who would benefit from having the genuine and complete care Whole Life Authentic Care can offer. It's such a blessing to have doctors who work to give real support, answers, and solutions and truly care about women's health and I can’t wait until we have this available locally!